Course Offered: B.A (Honours) English

The Department of English enhances the interpretative and expressive skills of students in an intellectual environment that is stimulating and nurturing. It equips students with both a rigorous knowledge of the subject as well as a critical and analytical ability. It provides an engagement with issues as varied as identity formation, race relations, gender stereotypes and the politics of language.

The emphasis is on an inter-disciplinary approach. The courses have been methodically designed to explore world literatures, Indian literature and literatures in translation.
The Department is privileged to have an extremely dynamic faculty whose expertise in critical theory has been widely acknowledged and whose creative writing has been published extensively .

The English literature course equips students to pursue careers in diverse fields such as academics, media, civil services, writing and publishing, fine arts, performing arts, law, human resources and management.

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Profile of English Department

Rita Joshi Dr. Rita Joshi is Associate Professor in the Department of English. She has done her PhD on D.H. Lawrence and has worked on Indian fiction in English. She has published about ten papers on D.H. Lawrence and Indian fiction in India and the USA. She held a British Council scholarship for one academic year to Girton College, Cambridge, to work on D.H. Lawrence; subsequently she received a Charles Wallace Trust grant to work on Indian and postcolonial fiction at Cambridge and held an Associateship at Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla, to work in this area. She has directed five full-length annual public plays for college, including Desani's Hali and Ionesco’s Lesson and Rhinoceros. She has published over fifty book reviews in Hindustan Times, Times of India, India Today, Sunday Observer Book Review and Pioneer.
Email: ritajoshi@lsr.edu.in

Ms. Kasturi Kanthan
Ms. Kasturi Kanthan is Associate Professor in the Department of English. An M Phil in English Literature from Delhi University, her areas of specialization are Modern Indian Writing (translations as well as in English) and Renaissance Drama, with a focus on Shakespeare. Actively involved in the Delhi cultural scene, she has anchored shows on Classical Carnatic Music for Doordarshan.She has been looking after the extra-curricular activities on the campus for over three decades. Since 1980, she has been Faculty Advisor to the Students’ Union of the college. In addition, she is Director of the Residence Hall. She is convener or member of a large number of college committees, bringing both academic and administrative expertise to her profession.
Email: kkanthan@lsr.edu.in

Madhu Grover
Dr. Madhu Grover is Associate Professor in the Department of English. She has claims to a poetic sensibility on the strength of which she teaches poetry ranging from Chaucer to the eighteenth century. She also writes poetry, which has been anthologized in several Sahitya Akademi collections. Her areas of teaching and research interest include the nineteenth century English novel, Indian writing in English, and Postcolonial Studies. Her publications include a critical edition on Dryden’s Mac Flecknoe as well as editorial work on Nissim Ezekiel, the latter for both the Delhi University anthology, Modern Indian Literature as well as for the Routledge Online Encyclopedia of Modernism currently under compilation.
Email: madhugrover@lsr.edu.in

Sharada Nair
Dr. Sharada Nair is Associate Professor in the Department of English.
Email: csnair@lsr.edu.in

Rukshana Shroff
Ms. Rukshana Shroff is Associate Professor in the Department of English. She holds an M Phil in English Literature from the University of Delhi. Her area of academic specialization is Renaissance Drama, with a focus on Shakespeare. In addition to teaching courses on Shakespeare, she also teaches courses on twentieth century drama. She has also been looking after student activities on the campus for over a decade. Since 2007 she has been Advisor, Students’ Welfare of the college. This involves working not only with the Student's Union (an elected body of students) but also dealing with students with special needs and coordinating scholarships programs. In addition, she is the co-convener of the Office of International Programmes.
Email: rshroff@lsr.edu.in

Arti Minocha
Ms. Arti Minocha is Associate Professor in the Department of English.
Email: artiminocha@lsr.edu.in

Maya Joshi
Dr. Maya Joshi is Associate Professor in the Department of English. She currently teaches courses in the Contemporary Novel, Cultural Studies, Post-colonial Theory and Indian Literature. She received her Doctorate from the University of Delhi. Her dissertation explores, through the life-writings of select historical figures from India and the west, debates in autobiography studies, with special reference to how they negotiated the spaces of the public/private, east/west, national/regional, and spiritual/political at a formative juncture in India's history.
Email: mayajoshi@lsr.edu.in

Shernaz Cama
Dr. Shernaz Cama is Associate Professor in the Department of English. Equally passionate about her profession as an academic and her role as Honorary Director of the UNESCO initiated PARZOR project, she has won acclaim in both these fields. Dr. Cama obtained her M Phil and PhD degrees from the University of Delhi. While researching for her Doctoral thesis on Blake and Zoroastrianism, she worked at the British Museum and the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. A regular contributor to academic journals, she has several publications to her credit.
Email: shcama@lsr.edu.in

Mitali Mishra
Ms. Mitali Mishra is Associate Professor in the Department of English.
Email: mitalimishra@lsr.edu.in

Arunima Ray
Ms. Arunima Ray is Assistant Professor in the Department of English. She is pursuing her doctoral research from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, from where she has also done her MA and M Phil. Her PhD thesis explores the relationship between caste and gender politics in select texts of Contemporary Indian Literature. Her areas of interest include Postcolonial literature, Indian Writing in English, Dalit literature and gender studies. She has published and has also presented papers in different national and international seminars in these areas.
Email: arunimaray@lsr.edu.in

Dipti Nath
Ms. Dipti Nath is Assistant Professor in the Department of English. She holds an M.Phil with Distinction from the University of Delhi and her areas of academic interest include Visuality, Gender Studies and Popular Culture. Her research spans the field of Indian Poetry in English, specifically the writings of Indian women poets, while exploring and negotiating the markers of postcoloniality, class, caste, gender and location within the enterprise. She teaches Popular Fiction, Contemporary Literature, British Romanticism and Jacobean Drama. Over the last decade, she has also served as Staff Advisor to the LSR Western Music Society, the Fine Arts Society as well as the Dramatics Society. She has contributed an article on Salman Rushdie in the collection Rushdie the Novelist: From Grimus to the Enchantress of Florence and a chapter on Gender and Religion as part of the "Gendered Nation" course offered by IGNOU to its PG students.
Email: diptirnath@lsr.edu.in

Sameer Chopra
Mr. Sameer Chopra is Assistant Professor in the Department of English. His M Phil thesis engages with questions of gender, sexuality and power in contemporary Indian visual culture. His areas of research interest include Nineteenth Century British Popular Culture, African American Literature, Film Studies and Modernist writing and art. He participated in ‘Virginia Woolf and Bloomsbury: A Conversation’, a collaborative cross-continental reading group, centred on the fictional, theoretical and autobiographical writings of Virginia Woolf, conducted jointly by The Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures (University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA) and MargHumanities (Delhi University, India). An abiding concern that informs his work is the representation of marginalized subjectivities in literature and the visual arts and the vexed, often disturbingly ambiguous relationship between aesthetics and politics, art and activism. At two recent international conferences at St. Stephen’s College and Lady Shri Ram College respectively, Mr. Chopra used film, television and pictorial illustrations to explore different cultural and ideological issues related to the Sherlock Holmes short stories by Arthur Conan Doyle.
Email: sameerchopra@lsr.edu.in

Kanav Gupta
Mr. Kanav Gupta is Assistant Professor in the Department of English. He has completed his M Phil dissertation, titled ‘Hindustani Music and the English Language: A Story of Their Evolving Relationship’ at the Department of English, University of Delhi. His areas of interest include Renaissance drama, art and poetry; the poetry of William Wordsworth, John Keats, Thomas Hardy and W.B. Yeats; and the works of Samuel Beckett, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and J.M. Coetzee. He holds Ghalib's poetry as an abiding passion, and has translated some of Ghalib's ghazals into English. He has worked on the ghazal in English and writes the same as well. He is currently working on anecdotal histories of Hindustani classical music.
Email: kanavgupta@lsr.edu.in

Jonathan Koshy Varghese

Mr. Jonathan Koshy Varghese is Assistant Professor in the Department of English. He is currently pursuing his M Phil in the Department of English, University of Delhi. He is working on the concept of the ‘Public Intellectual’, centring on the figure of Edward Said, in the context of the social sphere he occupies with respect to his debates on the ensuing Israeli-Palestinian crisis. Other areas of research include the Nineteenth Century Novel, American Literary Tradition, Political Philosophy of Gramsci, Noam Chomsky and Carl Schmitt, Art criticisms and social analysis of John Berger, Susan Sontag and Walter Benjamin. He also harbours a personal interest in painting (Oil and Acrylic).
Email: jonathankvarhese@lsr.edu.in

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