• The English Debating Society
Rhea Grover
English Debating Society
Arunima Raavi
English Debating Society
Staff Advisors : Dr.Veena Ravi Kumar, Mr.Jonathan Koshy
The English Debating Society of Lady Shri Ram College is an egalitarian society dedicated to intellectual growth, thought provocation and public speaking. We seek to present a passionate debating environment on the foundations of free speech and critical thought and provide a politically and religiously neutral environment to discuss world issues. The society provides members and non-members an opportunity to indulge in intellectual discourse and acts as a platform for the emergence and fusion of diverse opinions.

Highlights 2014-2015

The Society hosted its flagship event, The Annual Parliamentary Debating Tournament in March 2015 which spanned across three days and saw participation from over 300 debaters from prestigious institutions across the nation.

The Society also held its Annual Tashi Conventional Debate in association with the Tashi Foundation in January, 2015 which saw the best minds in the debating circuit interpret, deliberate and discuss the motion ‘This House Will Ride against Terrorism’. In terms of achievements, the Society shone throughout the year with its members winning 5 tournaments and reaching the finals, semi-finals and quarter-finals at over 20 tournaments.

True to its vision of creating an environment conducive to intellectual growth and thought-provoking discussions, the society held various public debates and over 30 training session and workshops throughout the year.

MUN Society

Tarana Faroqi
MUN coordinator
Society email -
Staff Advisor: Mr. Siddharth Tripathi

The LSR MUN Society is one of the most popular societies in LSR. MUNs are basically a simulation of the United Nations for students, whereby students take up different roles and responsibilities and act as delegates by representing a country in the UN and its subsidiary agencies. Our annual conference LSR MUN is organised every year around the month of March. Students from other schools and colleges from across the country are invited to participate.

Highlights in 2014 and 2015

Training Session on Model United Nations held by Sasha Bhatnagar, July 2014:
In the month of July, the Model UN Society held a briefing session for first students and all others who were interested on the concept of Model United Nations, Rules of Procedure followed in the UN, and Skill Training on Diplomacy and Negotiation.

Training Session on Rules of Procedure by Sasha Bhatnagar, July 2014:
In the same month, we also organized a special session for students to get acquainted with how the United Nations functions in order to facilitate their understanding of Model UN. Important procedures for debate such as the General Speakers List, Moderated Caucuses, Unmoderated Caucuses, Motions and voting on the same, Points of Enquiry and so on were explained in detail.

Training Session on Research Methodology by Sasha Bhatnagar, August 2014

Training Session for NLUI MUNC 2014:
Three weeks prior to the Conference, we organized a Training Session specifically for the 18 students selected to attend. They were divided in groups according to their committees, and their agenda were discussed at length. They were advised on how to go about formulating arguments and how to stand out with respect to the respective agenda.

Training Sessions for JMC MUN 2015:
A month before the JMC MUN Conference held on 23rd and 24th January, we held elaborate training sessions where we trained the attending delegates committee wise on research. An interactive session was also conducted with members who had debated similar topics before, in order to address queries.

Talk on ‘Importance of Model United Nations’ by Shivang Raina on 28th February, 2015:
As a Pre-Event to the Annual Lady Shri Ram College Model United Nations Conference 2015, we organized a talk cum training session on the ‘Importance of Model United Nations’ by Mr. Shivang Raina. He has over 9 years of experience in participating and organizing MUNs in the country and has conducted training sessions for both schools and colleges for over 7 years now.

Lady Shri Ram College Model United Nations Conference 2015:
Our annual MUN Conference was held on the 13th and 14th of March 2014 involving over 120 participants from around 40 different schools and colleges such as Hindu College, St. Stephens, KIIT Orissa, NUJS Kolkata, Kirori Mal College, National Law University of Delhi, Ryan International School, Pathways World School and so on. The Conference saw 4 different committees being held at four different venues at LSR over the course of the two days:
  • United Nations Security Council, Lower Seminar Room (15 participants)
  • United Nations Women Commission, Room 103 (35 Participants)
  • United Nations Human Rights Council, New Conference Hall (40 Participants)
  • United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, Auditorium and Manju Bharatram Conference Hall (35 Participants)

LSR-Stephens-Hindu Mock:
The Heads of the MUN Societies of LSR, St. Stephens and Hindu College held a Mock MUN Session in early August 2015 for members of all societies to attend. The idea was to encourage healthy competition and learning by interacting with and competing against students from other colleges. The event was a huge success and feedback was given to all the students about their performances.

• Hindi Debating Society
Anjali Singh
Hindi Debating Society
Anandita Singh Bhada
Hindi Debating Society
Staff Advisors : Dr.Sarika Karla, Dr. Renu Gautam
Society email id:

Vaktritva, the Hindi Debating society of LSR is well -known for its vigorous participation and achievements in conventional and parliamentary debates, mock parliaments, extempore etc, in colleges throughout Delhi. It is a platform which offers its members a space to develop their debating skills along with polishing the qualities of those members who have already been in the field of debating. Thus the motto of Vaktritva, ‘ Humara aadhar Vani aur Vichaar ’ aims to develop a rational, empirical and informed vision within its members along with the qualities of organization of ideas and presentation of thought.

Highlights 2015-16

Vaktritva’s journey in 2015 began with its formal and informal orientation in July. The orientation of the society not just helped build a rapport between the society and the fresh talent awaiting it, but also provided a platform to introduce the agenda of Vaktritva to the enthusiastic freshers. Soon auditions took place and the society welcomed its fresh talent. Gladly, the new entrants turned out to be very enthusiastic and active, eager to take part in the various proceedings of the society.

Many society members, especially first years, participated in a number of debates in 2015 and brought several laurels to the college. Monika and Akansha participated in Venkateshwara College freshers’ debate, where Monika won the best speaker award. They also participated in Manthan, the inter department debate competition conducted by Vaktritva in association with the department of Elementary Education, where they got the best team prize. This team also went on to attend Kirori Mal freshers’ debate, where they qualified for the quarter finals.

Neha Dayma and Priya Yadav participated in the Hindu College freshers’ debate along with Anjali Singh and Shruti Jurgad participating in ‘Vagmi’- the annual debate hosted by Hindu College. There was also an in house debate conducted the PNB, where Yamini secured the third best speaker and Monika, the fourth. Apart from these debates, Vaktritva members, participated in several other debates, enhancing their experience and broadening their knowledge base.

In the year 2015 Vaktritva organized two intra-college debates. The first debate was the inter department debate, Manthan, where different departments of the college competed with each other. The Political Science Department and the History Department bagged the first and second prizes respectively. Second was a bilingual intra-college debate competition organized by the collaboration of PNB, English and Hindi Debating Societies. We also organized one enriching talk in collaboration with the Hindi Creative Writing Society. This talk was by Dr. Alpana Mishra, on the topic ‘Rachnatmakta aur iske Aayam’.

Therefore, Vaktritva successfully achieved its objective of establishing a platform for the emergence and improvement of debating skills among its members. The combined efforts of the faculty advisors and all student members has created a distinct identity for Vaktritva, within and outside LSR, ‘Kyoki hum sirf bolte nahi bolti band bhi karte hai’.

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